» Mahpolwireless E-mail Addresses
Sr. No. Email Address Designation / Official position 
1 dpw@mahpolwireless.gov.in Director of Police Wireless, M. S. Pune
2 igp@mahpolwireless.gov.in Spl IGP  of Police Wireless, M. S. Pune
3 spwhq@mahpolwireless.gov.in SPW HQ  Police Wireless, M. S. Pune
4 spwwz@mahpolwireless.gov.in SPW West Zone Police Wireless,  Pune
5 spwez@mahpolwireless.gov.in SPW East Zone Police Wireless, Nagpur
6 dcpwmumbai@mahpolwireless.gov.in DCPW Mumbai 
7 dyspwrnd@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW R and D Pune
8 dyspwhq@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW HQ Pune
9 dyspwvsat@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW Vsat Pune
10 dyspwtc@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW TC  Pune
11 dyspwz@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW WZ  Pune
12 dyspez@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW EZ  Nagpur
13 dyspwtrf@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW Traffic  Pune
14 dyspwcipher@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW Cipher  Pune
15 dyspwknr@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW Konkan Range Navi Mumbai
16 dyspwkop@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW Kolhapur Range Kolhapur
17 dyspwnsk@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW Nasik Range Nasik
18 dyspwagd@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW Aurangabad Range Aurangabad
19 dyspwati@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW Amravati Range Amravati
20 dyspwndd@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW Nanded Range Nanded
21 dyspwngp@mahpolwireless.gov.in DySPW Nagpur Range Nagpur
22 acpwhq@mahpolwireless.gov.in ACPW HQ Mumbai City
23 acpwbyc@mahpolwireless.gov.in ACPW Byculla
24 acpwsan@mahpolwireless.gov.in ACPW Santacruz
25 acpwmal@mahpolwireless.gov.in ACPW Malbar Hill
26 acpwthn@mahpolwireless.gov.in ACPW Thane City
27 acpwnmum@mahpolwireless.gov.in ACPW Navi Mumbai
28 acpwpna@mahpolwireless.gov.in ACPW Pune City
29 acpwngp@mahpolwireless.gov.in ACPW Nagpur City
30 acpwmpa@mahpolwireless.gov.in ACPW MPA Nasik
31 hpwipune@mahpolwireless.gov.in Home PWI DPW office Pune
32 hpwiez@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Home SPW EZ office Nagpur
33 hpwiwz@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Home SPW WZ office Pune
34 pwipunerural@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Pune Rural
35 pwisatara@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Satara
36 pwisangli@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Sangli
37 pwikolhapur@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Kolhapur
38 pwisolapurcity@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Solapur City
39 pwisolapurrural@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Solapur Rural
40 pwigr1@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr I Pune
41 pwigr2@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr II Pune
42 pwigr5@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr V Daund
43 pwigr7@mahpolwireless.gov.in Pwi SRPF Gr VII Daund
44 pwigr10@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr X Solapur
45 pwinasikcity@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Nasik City
46 pwinasikrural@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Nasik Rural
47 pwiahmednagar@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Ahmednagar
48 pwijalgaon@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Jalgaon
49 pwidhule@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Dhule
50 pwinandurbar@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Nandurbar
51 pwigr6@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr IV Dhule
52 pwiraigad@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Raigad
53 pwiratnagiri@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Ratnagiri
54 pwisindhudurg@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Sindhdurg
55 pwithanerural@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Thane Rural
56 pwigr8@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr VIII  Mumbai
57 pwigr11@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr XI Navi Mumbai
58 pwiakola@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Akola 
59 pwiatirural@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Amravati Rural
60 pwiaticity@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Amravati City
61 pwibuldhana@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Bhuldhana
62 pwiwashim@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Washim
63 pwiyavatmal@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Yavatmal
64 pwigr9@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr IX Amravati
65 pwiagdcity@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Aurangabad City
66 pwiagdrural@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Aurangabad Rural
67 pwibeed@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Beed
68 pwijalana@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Jalana
69 pwiosmanabad@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Osmanabad
70 pwinanded@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Nanded
71 pwihingoli@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Hingoli
72 pwilatur@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Latur
73 pwiparbhani@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Parbhani
74 pwigr12@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr XII Hingoli
75 pwigr3@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr III Jalna
76 pwingprural@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Nagpur Rural
77 pwiaheri@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Aheri
78 pwibhandara@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Bhandara
79 pwichandrapur@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Chandrapur
80 pwigadchiroli@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Gadchiroli
81 pwigondia@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Gondia
82 pwiwardha@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Wardha
83 pwigr4@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr IV Nagpur
84 pwigr13@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI SRPF Gr XIII Nagpur
85 pwiatsmumbai@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI ATS Mumbai
86 pwingprly@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Nagpur Railway
87 pwipunerly@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI Pune Railway
88 pwiccopune@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI CCO Pune
89 pwigrbspune@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWI GRBS Pune
90 pwsihsppune@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWSI(E) HSP Pune
91 pwsimumbairly@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWSI(E) Mumbai Railway
92 pwsiuotcnagpur@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWSI(E) UOTC Nagpur
93 osdpw@mahpolwireless.gov.in Office Supdt  DPW Office Pune
94 hcabranch@mahpolwireless.gov.in Head Clark A Branch  DPW Office Pune
95 hcbbranch@mahpolwireless.gov.in Head Clark B Branch  DPW Office Pune
96 hcdbranch@mahpolwireless.gov.in Head Clark D Branch  DPW Office Pune
97 hce1branch@mahpolwireless.gov.in Head Clark E-1 Branch  DPW Office Pune
98 hce2branch@mahpolwireless.gov.in Head Clark E-2 Branch  DPW Office Pune
99 pwsiecbranch@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWSI(E) C branch DPW Office Pune
100 pwsiefbranch@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWSI(E) F branch DPW Office Pune
101 pwsiegbranch@mahpolwireless.gov.in PWSI(E) G branch DPW Office Pune